Мицкевич (1)

Vladislav Mitskevich

With more than 15 years of experience on financial markets in Russia and abroad prior to joining MPMI Vladislav used to play instrumental roles in a number of Russian and international investment institutions. For a number of years he was the Head of Corporate Finance Department at FIM/Glitnir, an interantional (primarily Northern European) investment bank.As an investment banker and private equity investor  Vladislav was in charge for M&A, and equity transactions for over $ 1 billion


Ilya Matushkin

Ilya has been working on the Russian financial market for over 15 years. Prior to joining MPMI Ilya held senior positions at Customer Operations and Equity Market Department with leading investrment institutions such as ING Bank, Aton and Solid IFC. He was engaged in customer service and companies portfolio management. For over four years, Ilya headed Sales and Trading Department at FIM/Glitnir where together with Vladislav they were the key members of the management team.