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About Company

The founders and partners of MPM INVESTMENTS have been working together for over ten years. Initially their professional companionship started at major investment banks “Aton” and “Glitnir” (FIM), where they headed key departments: Corporate Finance, Research and Brokerage services.

Many years of teamwork and longstanding personal friendship have formed a special atmosphere of the company and made it the most similar to a family business. Such relations connect us not only inside MPM INVESTMENTS, but also with many clients and all international partners without exception.

Currently MPM INVESTMENTS is elaborating all private investment activities to operate with both internal and clients’ funds.

Being private investors we manage our own equity and venture capital portfolio seeking to invest in transparent and growing companies.

As an investment banking advisor we provide all the services required by our clients: M&A transactions support, funding raising (mainly equity), as well as other financial and business consulting of any kind.

Through a network of partner companies, with whom we maintain long-term professional and friendly relations, MPM INVESTMENTS has access to international capital markets including the Nordic countries, Switzerland, Japan and China.

Our client base in Russia and the above-mentioned countries includes well-known institutional investors and large and medium uncelebrated capital providers.

The company employs eight highly experienced specialists, while the number of professionals in partner, affiliated and friendly companies is more than 1000 people.